Who is Hijaaz Jalaldeen

I’m Hijas Mohamed, an individual with an ambitious dream to leave my mark on the digital sphere. This dream pushed me towards obtaining an HND in Interactive Media and becoming a Digital Marketing Specialist, achieving Google certification as an Adwords and Analytics specialist along the way, making me somewhat of an SEO expert. Over five years of experience in the digital industry has helped me hone my skills in marketing, digital business transformation, online media, strategic planning, web development, e-commerce, SEO, SEM, creative design and branding.

For the past two years, I’ve been an entrepreneur, running my own business offering digital marketing and SEO services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This has allowed me to completely immerse myself in the field – both on the internal side of coding and design, as well as the external aspect of following leads and liaising with clients. In this regard, I cultivated experience in team-building, client negotiation and management. I see myself as a critical thinker who enjoys rising to the challenges imposed by time and budgetary constraints to deliver superior results.

I offer high-value digital marketing consultancy services, especially when it comes to SEO services in Dubai,Abu Dhabi and Doha Qatar. Here’s what makes my approach different – being an entrepreneur, I understand the need for results that affect the business’ bottom line. What I can ensure my clients is the effective leveraging of SEO to create a prominent search presence that will lead to an increase in sales, profitability and cost-efficiency.

With the experience I’ve gathered over the years, I’ve developed methods that produce concrete, lasting results that are far more effective than traditional advertising. If you have a business that needs to generate more leads, then my SEO services will be your go-to solution to increase revenue, guaranteeing increased leads and organic inbound traffic. Just make the call; you won’t regret it!